Young Professionals Networking Event! Wednesday, October 25th

AWMA-ROCKY MOUNTAIN STATES SECTION: This is a networking call for Young Professionals!!

Are you a young professional or a young-at-heart professional? Please join us for a Young Professionals event from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, October 25th, at Breckenridge Brewery (“Breck on Blake,” located at 2220 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205).

Since this is our first Rocky Mountain States Section AWMA Young Professionals event, we’ll “speed network” to get to know each other! Drinks are on you but hors d’oeuvres will be provided. RSVPs are encouraged; email Ginger Fast at by October 18th.

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AWMA -RMSS Lunch Meeting – Thursday, June 22 from 11:30-1:00 PM

Don’t forget to RSVP for the AWMA meeting next week at Graham & Stubbs Thursday, June 22nd, at 11:30. John Jacus, Katie Schroder, and Chelsea Grossi, all of DGS, will present an environmental regulatory update that includes a review of key Trump Administration actions and orders, an update on the Bureau of Land Management’s venting & flaring rule and the associated litigation, and a summary of Quad Oa NSPS litigation.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Sara Nuttall( by Wednesday June 21st. We will begin with networking and lunch at 11:30, and the presentation will start around noon. DGS Law is located at 1550 17th Street, Suite 500.

Speakers Bio:
John Jacus represents clients under all major federal and state environmental laws and regulatory programs, including the Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), Clean Water Act, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). His practice includes environmental litigation, administrative proceedings and representation in complex business transactions. He is experienced in rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings, permitting, litigation for cost recovery, citizen suits, environmental insurance coverage, and the judicial appeal of adverse agency actions, among other matters (click here for his complete bio).
Katie Schroder‘s practice focuses on all aspects of energy development on federal lands. Ms. Schroder counsels clients on oil and gas leasing and development on federal lands and agency compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. She has extensive experience with the Endangered Species Act, including the process for listing species as threatened or endangered, the process for obtaining permits under section 10 of the Act, and the development of conservation agreements for candidate species (click here for her complete bio).
Chelsea Grossi focuses on regulatory and litigation counseling in environmental and natural resources law. She works with oil and gas, mining, biofuels, industrial, aerospace, and manufacturing clients. She has represented clients in environmental administrative and civil litigation matters, negotiated settlements with enforcement agencies, and advising clients on a host of regulatory matters affecting the industry, including the Clean Air Act (CAA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Act (PHMSA). Click here for her complete bio.

To all of you who attended our Air Quality Conference last month, THANK YOU for making it such a success! We will be publishing copies of the speakers’ presentations on our website (; if you click on “2017-Air-Quality-Conference,” and then “Final Program,” you’ll see live links for some of the afternoon sessions. We’ll be adding the rest soon.

Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues!

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AWMA -RMSS Lunch Meeting – Thursday, January 12 from 11:30-1:00 PM

Mark your calendars for the first Rocky Mountain States Section’s luncheon meeting of 2017, which will be held Thursday, January 12th at Tri-State Generation & Transmission, 1100 W 116th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234. We plan to start with lunch and networking at 11:30, followed by our guest speaker, Detlev Helmig of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Boulder, at noon.

Topic: 2000 – 2015 Changes in the Summertime Ozone Chemistry in Colorado. Detlev will present an assessment of long-term (2000-2015) ambient ozone mixing ratios, diurnal amplitudes, and trends using hourly ozone data from a total of 47 sites in the State of Colorado, focusing on summer ozone values (June, July, August), which is the time when most exceedances of the ozone National Air Quality Standard have been recorded. For sites with at least 10 years of complete datasets, (19 sites total) trends were determined for the yearly 5th, 50th and 95th percentile values of the ozone mixing ratios, and for the daily ozone amplitudes. For ozone mixing ratios, most sites show an increase of the 5th and 50th percentile values, whereas the majority of sites experienced a decrease of the 95th percentile values. In contrast, most of the sites show a decrease of the yearly 50th and 95th percentile values of the daily amplitudes. The dichotomy of ozone diurnal amplitudes and trends, and their spatial distribution is discussed in terms of the influence of ozone precursors, i.e. volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission and reported ambient concentration in the State of Colorado.

Speaker Bio: Detlev Helmig is an Associate Research Professor, Institute of Alpine and Arctic Research (INSTAAR) and Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (PAOS), University of Colorado, Boulder. He received his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Duisburg/Germany, has published numerous atmospheric chemistry articles, and been an invited speaker for the American Geophysical Union, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other scientific organizations in France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and the United States. A more detailed bio can be found at

If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP by Wednesday, January 11 to Bethany Moffat at

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AWMA-RMSS Announces Scholarship Awards Program for Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Academic Year

The Air and Waste Management Association- Rocky Mountain States Section announces the opening of the application period for the Scholarship Award Program for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 period. The application is available here: 2017-2018- AWMA-RMSS Scholarship Application.

Applicants must be juniors, seniors, or graduate students who will be enrolled full-time 2017-2018 in a college or university in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, or Wyoming. Applicants may win scholarships for a maximum of 3 years (requires reapplication).

Applications: Applications must be received by January 31, 2017 (mail or email accepted), and must include the following. Please assemble these documents into a single pdf file or hardcopy (except reference letters which should be sent by the referee directly):
1. Coversheet (following page)
2. Copy of your transcripts or grade records for the last 2+ years (unofficial is acceptable)
3. Plan of Study – Two (2) page max detailing your academic program & training
4. Statement of Professional Goals – Two (2) page max detailing your long range plan
5. Complete CV or Resume- Six (6) page maximum
6. Two letter(s) of reference from an advisor and another faculty member. These should be emailed separately by the letter writers to:

2017-2018- AWMA-RMSS Scholarship Application

Awards: Anticipated 3 +/- 2 awards with amounts to be determined based on section financial status.  Past scholarships have been $250 to $1500 per student.  Final scholarship awards and amounts will be based on a merit based system to the top students as judged by an independent review panel.  One free student A&WMA membership for 1 year will be reimbursed for each awardee who joins A&WMA.

All Awards will be announced by May 31, 2017 and awarded by September 30, 2017 for A.Y. 2017-2018

National Scholarship: Graduate level applicants are highly encouraged to separatelyapply to the A&WMA national student scholarship competition. A similar but separate application must be made at:

The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that enhances knowledge and expertise by providing a neutral forum for information exchange, professional development, networking opportunities, public education, and outreach to more than 5,000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. A&WMA promotes global environmental responsibility and increases the effectiveness of organizations to make critical decisions that benefit society.

Submit Applications (by Jan 11, 2016):
Prof. Kip Carrico
New Mexico Tech
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

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Call for Abstracts for the 2017 RMSS-AWMA Technical Conference in Denver

The Rocky Mountain States Section – Air & Sheraton_DenverWaste Management Association (RMSS-A&WMA) is hosting a one-day Air Quality Conference at the Sheraton – Denver Tech Center, Colorado (located East off I-25 & Arapahoe Road – 7007 South Clinton Street) on Thursday, April 13, 2017. The theme of the conference is “Air Quality Issues in the Rocky Mountain Region.” This is the 6th Air Quality Conference the RMSS-A&WMA has hosted in the past 12 years.

By virtue of this announcement, the Section is issuing a Call for Abstracts for this conference. Presentations will be 15 minutes in length with an additional 5 minutes allocated for questions and answers.  Details follow:

1) Abstracts will be accepted through Monday, October 10, 2016.

2) Abstracts shall be about 150 words in length and also include:




Author(s) contact information (e-mail and telephone number)

Brief bio of the author(s) – about 100 words

3) Topics of interest:
A) Next Generation Permitting, Compliance and Enforcement Trends:

NSPS/NESHAP Compliance;

Complex Permitting (PSD, Title V…)

Colorado Ozone SIP, Reg 7 Amendments, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

   B) Modeling:

Revisions to Guidelines on Air Quality Models (Appendix W to 40 CFR 51)

Secondary Formation for PM2.5 and Ozone

   C) New Rules/Updates:

Refinery Sector Rule

Clean Power Plan Updates

Electronic Reporting Requirements – CEDRI and Electronic Reporting Tool Reqs.

   D) Other Topics Pertinent to Air Quality in the Rockies, such as:

Air Quality Impacts from Transportation Sources

Air Toxics

Biomass Burning Impacts on Air Quality in the West

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Climate Change


Send your abstract and bio electronically by Monday, October 10, 2016 to:

Margie Klitch (Klitch Environmental, Fort Collins, CO)
Questions:  Call (970)-481-6799

Our goal is to make a decision on which abstracts to accept for the conference by Monday, October 31, 2016. All those submitting abstracts will be notified. Thank you for your interest in participating in this conference.

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AWMA -RMSS Meeting – Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Wednesday, September 28 @ 4 PM

Mark your calendars for the next Rocky Mountain States Section’s AWMA meeting on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at 4pm at the Fort Collins “Old Town Library,” 201 Peterson Street, Meeting Room #2. We will begin with a presentation from our guest speaker, Dan Mummert of Trihydro Corporation, followed by refreshments and drinks at a local pub (to be announced) around 5pm.

Topic: Dan Mummert from Trihydro Corporation will present an “Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).” The presentation will include a brief summary of FAA Commercial UAS regulations, an overview of UAS applications, and an introduction to the various UAS platforms and sensors. Additionally, Dan will discuss some of the benefits and limitations of UAS as a technical tool.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Mummert is the Unmanned Systems and Remote Sensing Program Group Manager for Trihydro Corporation. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with 12 years of experience as a consultant for aerial mapping, surveying, and civil engineering projects. Mr. Mummert has been responsible for LiDAR and photogrammetric mapping projects, throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, using manned and unmanned aircraft. He currently oversees UAS flight operations, planning, data collection, and data processing for Trihydro.

From outside Fort Collins, take the Mulberry Street exit from I-25, go 4.7 miles West, then turn right (North) on Peterson Street. The “Old Town Library,” will be two blocks north on your left.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by Tuesday, September 27th to Margie Klitch at

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AWMA -RMSS Lunch Meeting – What is a SIP and Why Should I Care? Tuesday, August 23 from 11:30 – 1:00

Mark your calendars for Tuesday August 23rd when Theresa Pella will discuss “What is a State Implementation Plan (SIP) and Why Should I Care?”

The meeting will be held at the National Park Service, Academy Place Office Building, conference room 440, 7333 West Jefferson Avenue in Lakewood (near Hampden & Wadsworth). We will start at 11:30 with lunch and socializing. The presentation will begin at noon.

Time:  11:30 lunch (no cost); 11:50 welcome and introductions; noon presentation

Place: National Park Service, Academy Place Office Building, conference room 440, 7333 West Jefferson Avenue in Lakewood (near Hampden & Wadsworth).

DIRECTIONS:The meeting location is at conference room 440.

Speaker Bio – Theresa has been the Executive Director of the Central States Air Resource Agencies Association (CenSARA) since August 2011.  She’s worked in state air quality regulatory programs since 1990, in various programmatic and policy capacities, including rule and SIP development with the Illinois EPA, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Theresa holds a B.A. in Management and M.A. degree in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

ABSTRACT:Regulatory air quality agencies have the responsibility of developing, implementing, and enforcing state implementation plans, the roadmaps for bringing areas that are out of compliance with a national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) into attainment and ensuring maintenance of the NAAQS.  Ms. Pella will provide an overview of the SIP process, including when and how external stakeholders can provide input.

To help with ordering pizza and drinks, please RSVP by Monday, August 22nd to Theresa Pella at or; phone # 512-585-1511.


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AWMA -RMSS Lunch Webinar – RMP Rule. Wednesday, June 8 from 11:00 – 1:30

Join us at our next RMSS-AWMA meeting on Wednesday, June 8 (11:00am – 1:30pm). If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Joe Rubino (  We will be presenting the following webinar:

AWMA Webinar – RMP Rule Review • Rule Making, Compliance, and Legal Perspectives

USEPA has been overhauling the Risk Management Program in parallel with the Occupational Safety and Health Association’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management Program (PSM).The new rule was signed on February 25, 2016. The 60-day public comment period ends on May 13, 2016. Join the webinar and:

  • Hear from the rule makers themselves, as US EPA will be taking questions during the webinar;
  • Become aware of the detailed technical compliance requirements;
  • Understand what enforcement and legal implications are present; and
  • Learn the perspective of one industry in planning and managing compliance with the new rule.

This webinar will provide you with important takeaways to enable you to better prepare your company for compliance with the new rule.


  • Jim BelkeRisk Management Program Coordinator, US EPA Office of Emergency Management
  • Kenneth S. KomoroskiPartner, Morgan Lewis 
  • Christine KurtzEnvironmental Regulatory Assurance Manager, 3M
  • Arijit PakrasiPh.D., P.E., BCEE, Air Quality Subject Matter Expert, CB&I


Leah Blinn, Air Quality Operations Manager, CB&I

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 8, 2016. 11 am – 1:30pm
NOTE: The webinar lasts a full 2 hours. We plan to have refreshments at 11, and begin the webinar at 11:30. We understand some people may need to exit early due to time constraints.

Location :

Stanley Consultants, 8000 South Chester Street  Suite 500,Centennial, Colorado 80112

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AWMA-RMSS Lunch Meeting Thursday, April 21, 2016 11:30 – 1:00

Mark your calendars for our April AWMA-RMSS meeting on Thursday, April 21st, at the conference room of the 1801 California Street Building (previously CenturyLink Building) in downtown Denver. Our guest speaker will be Sergio Guerra of CPP Wind Engineering and his talk is titled: “Highlights from the Guideline on Air Quality Models Conference.”

Time:  11:30 lunch (no cost); 11:50 welcome and introductions; noon presentation

Place: Main floor conference room of the 1801 California Street Building (previously CenturyLink Building) in downtown Denver.

The meeting location is at the conference room in the main floor of the  1801 California Street Building (previously CenturyLink Building).

Sergio A. Guerra, PhD, is an environmental engineer with over 15 years of experience in air quality. Sergio’s expertise in research, regulations, and consulting gives him a unique insight into the interaction of the theoretical and practical aspects of air quality.  This experience is at the core of his interest in advanced methods to achieve accurate results from regulatory tools such as AERMOD. Sergio delivers presentations about his research at local and national forums of technical and non-technical audiences. His research has been published in the EM Magazine, the Journal of Air and Waste Management Association and the proceedings of the annual AWMA conferences.  Sergio holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas, where he performed statistical analyses of continuous emission data. He earned an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and B.S. in Civil Engineering from the same university.

At CPP Sergio leads the air permitting services, assisting industrial clients with their regulatory and dispersion modeling needs, from the planning stages of a project to permit issuance. Sergio also assists clients in performing Equivalent Building Dimension (EBD) studies to refine building dimension inputs and achieve more accurate results in AERMOD.  Sergio has over seven years of regulatory experience  stemming from his work as a regulator in the State of Kansas and as an environmental consultant assisting clients around the country.  His industrial clients have included manufacturing, power plants, foundries, oil processing, silica sand processing, pulp and paper, and oil and gas facilities.

ABSTRACT: The revision of the Guideline on AQ Models (Appendix W) will prompt many changes in the way dispersion modeling is conducted for regulatory purposes.  Some of the changes to the Guideline include enhancements and bug fixes to the AERMOD modeling system, new screening techniques to address ozone and secondary PM2.5, delisting CALPUFF as the preferred long-range transport model, and updates on the use of meteorological input data. These changes will have a significant impact on the regulated community.  In anticipation of these updates, the Air & Waste Management Association will hold its 6th Specialty Conference: “Guideline on Air Quality Models: The New Path” to provide a technical forum to discuss the Guideline.  This talk will cover the main highlights from this conference including the presentations from EPA on the status and future direction of the Guideline.  Come learn how these changes may impact dispersion modeling evaluations for short and long range transport.

If you would like to attend, please rsvp to Sergio Guerra ( by COB Tuesday, April 19th.


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A&WMA announces the return of two highly-esteemed specialty conferences in 2016!


Atmospheric Optics: Aerosols, Visibility, and the Radiative Balance        

This international conference will provide a technical forum on advances in the scientific understanding of the effects of aerosols on urban, regional, continental, and global-scale haze and the radiative balance. The conference will take a multipronged approach by encouraging scientific submissions (e.g., related to measurements, modeling, etc.) as well as submissions addressing regulatory and policy issues.

Abstracts are due May 2, 2016


• Vapor Intrusion, Remediation, and Site Closure

The Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is pleased to announce a specialty conference on important technical considerations involving the vapor intrusion (VI) pathway, site remediation, and advancing the process of site closure. The conference builds off the momentum gathered during the seven previous specialty conferences sponsored by A&WMA in which the VI pathway was thoroughly in focus.

This specialty conference will bring together internationally-recognized scientists, engineers, regulators, and attorneys with experience in getting sites to closure and the critical sustainability and technical issues that need to be considered in doing so.

Abstracts are due May 2, 2016

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